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Capture & Solutions

Our solution architects have the capture mindset, a knack to craft compelling solutions, and proven experience of making ideas into reality for large scale enterprise implementations.

Business Development (BD), Capture Management and Proposal Management

The business environment in the federal market today is challenging. Personnel, funding and other limited resources make it imperative for small- to mid-sized companies to get the most out of their business development teams. The benefits of employing WINTrio’s expert support goes beyond any one specific opportunity by bringing value across your entire business development lifecycle, enabling you to bid smarter and more efficiently. Our experts have lived through tons of practical implementations before advising around a WINNING solution for a particular agency. We do have the “mile-wide” perspective blended with a “mile-deep” knowledge to paint a plausible story to WIN business for you; our proven track record speaks for itself. The WINTrio advantage allows you to:

  • Gain strategic insights, customer and competitive positioning, efficiencies of proven capture processes and tools, and to establish or expand your federal presence
  • Improve your opportunity analyses and bid decisions that result in a more robust pipeline and efficient application of Bid Funding
  • Experience seamless transitions throughout the opportunity lifecycle planning strategy from capture to proposal to Transition/Delivery
  • Lower your costs and risk significantly by applying our broad solution architecture expertise
  • Improve your probability-to-win (Pwin) by partnering with experts who possess the perspective and knowledge to win, retain, and grow your business.

You can join the growing list of clients we support by providing capabilities and services such as:

  • Assessing the market, the competition, and your company gaps pre-RFP
  • Planning and co-writing white papers, and positioning them with federal CIOs and program managers
  • Identifying, qualifying, and managing opportunities in your bid pipeline
  • Providing capture management leadership and execution support
  • Developing capture strategies, win themes, differentiators, and discriminators
  • Assisting with selecting key personnel candidates and tailoring resumes in response to RFP requirements
  • Evaluating Price-to-Win (PTW) scenarios
  • Conducting business case analyses
  • Managing RFI response strategy and development
  • Generating new possibilities via currently established relationships within federal agencies and potential teaming partners
  • Administering overall program assessment and strategic recommendations to improved margins.

Some of WINTrio experts have participated in Federal Government Source Selection activities and awarded contracts to vendors. They have been on both sides of the table and bring a unique perspective to determining WHAT it will take to win a specific bid. Our team of experts have relationships and the intimate knowledge needed to win work at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), including the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Another benefit is the confidence that comes with knowing these SMEs can apply their capture, contracts, and solution architecture knowledge to craft compliant and compelling proposal sections that, resonate with the customer in ways other support providers cannot match. WINTrio offers you the consistency of having the same staff members supporting your efforts through federal capture, solution development, proposal writing, and program implementation and maintenance.

Solution Architecture

Our team of experts have revamped multiple agency missions, making them intimately familiar with agency technology roadmaps, technology stacks, and customer preferences. Our technical experience is not only coming from winning the bids: our seasoned experts have made significant impacts on enterprise-wide initiatives worth more than hundreds of millions of dollars. These achievements put us in a unique position to make just the right recommendations around winning business for you.

Furthermore, innovation and creativity are part of our DNA. We can absorb an agency’s mission, and translate that into possible gaps that can instantly help you realize cost savings through process and technical automation. All of it can actually translate into a win for you.

Our Solution Architects provide the following support:

  • Digesting the RFP and all available customer and competitive intelligence to develop a solution compliant with all solicitation requirements and aligned with the capture strategy parameters
  • Defining, evaluating, and designing solution offerings; selecting the best option that meets your customer’s needs within your Price-to-Win target; and, ultimately, developing the roadmap for the selected solution
  • Providing technical leadership and guidance to the Capture and Proposal team members from opportunity identification through submission
  • Ensuring no aspect of the proposed solution creates unnecessary risk to your or your customer’s organization
  • Developing technical presentations and proposals
  • Supporting solution development and post-award deployment.

As a direct result, you enjoy the benefits of:

  • Having additional and unbiased technical knowledge applied to your bid
  • Offering your target agency a cost-effective and responsive solution that best positions you to win the contract
  • Proposing the one solution developing to meet your Price-to-Win goals to enable you to achieve the highest profit margins possible for your company.

Delivery, Business Operations, and Profitability Improvement

You may need practical advice around launching an initiative with a solid management foundation, introducing tools and techniques to monitor your contract performance on a real-time basis before an issue becomes a risk, or providing innovative ideas around the mission-sensitive applications to improve profit margins. WINTrio understands the challenges you face and has the expertise to link your programs to your business strategy, apply and maintain alignment of the program strategy, and manage the expectations and interests of all stakeholders. WINTrio ensures the right people, processes, and tools are applied to any engagement. Our experienced program management professionals can help you assess your enterprise and/or program needs. You receive the performance and technical management solutions necessary to positively perform on the challenging programs of today, while striving to mitigate the common and not-so-common program issues.

When you partner with WINTrio, our team of advisors work with you to generate a plan for your organization and collaborate with your team to meet mutually identified goals. In general, our advisors help you:

  • Identify current gaps and inefficiencies (Process and Technology)
  • Develop plans for improving organizational performance entailing overall organizational transformation to restructuring a current initiative
  • Engage stakeholders and leadership teams by sharing tangible results and next set of actions around the suggested plans
  • Deliver the desired results with a constant dedication and drive
  • Stabilize the cash flow and burn-rates
  • Provide a current state analysis around the issues and their root cause
  • Develop a practical plan with milestones
  • Improve profit margins by overcoming roadblocks
  • Position your organization for organic growth within your current portfolio
  • Strategize new business within the same agency and establish new targets.

Here are some of the areas where WINTrio can effectively benefit your organization:

  • Laying the foundation for a successful program Startup
  • Providing leadership, mentoring, and support in the areas of:
    • Program and project management
    • Subcontract management
    • Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Planning and scheduled the program
  • Planning, scheduling, and cost management services for the EVM system (EVMS)
  • Outsourcing the right level of surge support from proposal submission through program execution
  • Placing dedicated schedulers and EV personnel for short-term or long-term assignments
  • Providing complete services for systems engineering, system architecting, and requirements management
  • Delivering complete services for project management, program architecture, integrated baselines reviews, performance measurement /metrics, and risk management.

It never helps to be in the second place in this business; let us help you formulate your team based upon our intel, relationships, and potential client’s preference.

We offer free advisory & consulting hours to prove our solid expertise in Cyber Security, Systems Engineering/Integration/Automation, DevSecOps, ML/AI & a whole lot more.

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