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Federal Capture ad Solution Architecture Services

Business Development (BD), Capture Management, and Proposal Management

Wintrio can benefit your BD teams by providing expert support in opportunity identification and qualification, analysis, and strategic planning. We have the experienced and cleared experts that can help you with key activities throughout your business development lifecycle. Additionally, after opportunity identification, a successful capture management strategy is what ensures a company’s win probability. Capture Management comprises all the activities required to improve a company’s win probability for a federal contract from the time it decides to pursue an opportunity until the RFP is released. At Wintrio, we believe it to be of paramount importance that these activities start before the DRFP or RFP release to properly position your company to improve your Pwin. Wintrio can augment your capture process by helping to qualify your pursuits early in the business development cycle and focus on solutions to meet the customer’s requirements and enhance your competitiveness. We have the experts in capture management that can help position you to win and raise your win probability.

Solution Architecture

Technical innovation results in a tangible ROI to your federal customers. You can count on our Solution Architects to understand and translate RFPs, IDIQ SOWs, and related artifacts, and then drive it to a compelling solution that appeals evaluation panels (both business stakeholders and technical SMEs). Our solution architects come from delivery background with a proven record of capturing new business at multiple accounts. Applying a proven methodology, your identified price point, and a robust solution helps you win a bigger share of a federal IT budget currently worth more than $15 billion.

☞ Delivery, Business Operations, and Profitability Improvement

With the current declining economic environment, ever-mounting competition, decreasing labor category rates, and diminishing B&P dollars, it is necessary for you to be more vigilant in maximizing profit margins to invest the earnings in future growth. The margin for error is smaller, and the cost of management missteps is steep. From that perspective, it has never been more important to implement Agile and DevOps methodologies and industry best practices like PMBOK and ITIL. Our advisors provide a unique, external, and supportive view of where your organization may be heading. Aligning program management with organizational strategy gives a company an in-depth analysis of the process leading from business strategy formation to portfolio development to the program, project and project manager’s role. In addition, managing programs requires integrated solutions tailored to the organization to address the distinctive cost, schedule, and training challenges of each program.

☞ DevOps and Systems Integration Support

Once a solution architect analyzes the requirements of a task and develops the roadmap for the optimal solution, the role of systems integration plays in the process begins. During systems integration, your specified requirements are developed in a way that demonstrates how best to assemble the computer hardware and software to implement the solution and perform the task. This process usually includes designing or building a customized architecture or application, integrating it with new or existing hardware along with off-the shelf and/or custom-developed software, and communications. During your deployment, you benefit from Wintrio’s process expertise, methods, tools, deep industry knowledge, and insight into business and technology operations.

☞ DevSecOps and Security Delivery Services

Wintrio has expertise in National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and all relevant Federal standards including Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, (FedRAMP), directives and guidance. Our certified staff support: risk management, audits and compliance, continuous monitoring, and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) to include: incident response and forensics, security operations, ST&E, vulnerability scanning, contingency planning and disaster recovery.

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