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About US

About Us

WINTrio is a Minority Owner SWAM with a proven track record of advising and assisting Government-centric Businesses on How-To increase their revenue and profit margins by enabling them to WIN Contracts (Public and Commercial sectors). Once we WIN the contract for our clients, we provide cradle to grave delivery expertise in Cyber Security, Systems Engineering and Automation, DevOps/DevSecOps and Continuous Monitoring for government agencies and large scale enterprises through a wide spectrum of Contract Vehicles. WINTrio’s Client Advisors are ready to help your organization achieve the next level of business success in a cost-effective manner by minimizing resource consumption and implementation of risk mitigation strategies.
We can be your Bid Partner through all phases of your business lifecycle: From performing market research through contract award to solution implementation and maintenance by leveraging our Cyber Security, Systems Engineering and Automation, Cloud Computing, DevOps/DevSecOps and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence expertise. Because we are positioned to operate in both worlds, you benefit from our ability to operate in Pre-RFP and Post-Award arenas where our flexibility and robust technical acumen sets us apart from the competition.

Given our track record of winning business and turning around challenging initiatives, we offer some free of cost advisory services for our clients to realize an instant value proposition.     Contact Us