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DevOps Integration

DevSecOps with WINTrio

The primary objective of implementing DevSecOps is to ensure data security. It focuses on data and systems protection, doing what is necessary to continually master defending against attackers. The goal is to use simple tools that help everyone assume some level of responsibility for security and to train them in as short a time frame as possible to accomplish this goal. Our IT and Cybersecurity experts help you advance to a better security posture. We work with you to identify security flaws in your systems and implement a plan to close the gaps. Then you can identify areas of vulnerability and mitigate them before they become major concerns.
In the past, security reviews resulted in hundreds of pages of identified vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities would often not be addressed for various reasons, such as project due date pressures or being identified too late in the software cycle. Today’s automation allows information security tests to be run simultaneously as an automated unit in the deployment pipeline, even in the earliest stages of a project. Wintrio conducts these tests as part of an automated unit.


To successfully implement a DevSecOps service, you can count on Wintrio to provide static , dynamic analysis, penetration testing, dependency scanning, source code integrity, and code signing. Our goal is to provide fast DevSecOps feedback with prompt notifications when potentially insecure changes are made. Wintrio experts ensure quick detection and correction of security problems, enabling prevention of future errors.


The WINTrio DevOps Advantage

DevOps brings people, process, and technology together where organizational change, cultural transformation, and sometimes unproven and immature software products and technologies must be integrated and end-to-end automation must be a reality. Wintrio’s DevOps Technology and Agile Process experts possess the rare ability and experience to support at both the implementation and architectural levels. You can count on us to make your vision a reality, at an advisory or delivery level, by overcoming complex systems integration challenges that exist in your company and with your customers, partners, and vendors. You can partner with us to manage technology changes that may include requirements planning and analysis to architecture development, from testing to deployment and maintenance. During each deployment, our focus is on predictability, results, method alignment, delivery, risk, quality, and estimation.

DevSecOps and Cyber Engineering

  • Complete automation of CI/CD pipelines by encompassing the security without any disruption
  • Security Architecture
  • Computer Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Security Assessment and Authorization (A&A)
  • Continuous Monitoring and Real-Time Assessments
  • Penetration Testing Ethical Hacking
  • Tooling Expertise: WebInspect, Nessus, Fortify, DBProtect, Xacta, AppScan, and Nipper

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