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Post-award Delivery Operations

WINTrio is the only organization that can not only partner with your organization to WIN the business but also stand with you to deliver on those promises. In today's fierce and extremely price-competitive environment, it is critical for our clients to deliver value from the day-1 to ensure option years and attain excellent CPARS. With WINTrio's diverse expertise in Program Management, Technical Delivery, and ability to strengthen relationships well-positions our clients vs. any of our competitors.

Delivery, Business Operations, and Profitability Improvement

You may need practical advice around launching an initiative with a solid management foundation, introducing tools and techniques to monitor your contract performance on a real-time basis before an issue becomes a risk, or providing innovative ideas around the mission-sensitive applications to improve profit margins. WINTrio understands the challenges you face and has the expertise to link your programs to your business strategy, apply and maintain alignment of the program strategy, and manage the expectations and interests of all stakeholders. WINTrio ensures the right people, processes, and tools are applied to any engagement. Our experienced program management professionals can help you assess your enterprise and/or program needs. You receive the performance and technical management solutions necessary to positively perform on the challenging programs of today, while striving to mitigate the common and not-so-common program issues.


The WINTrio Partnership

When you partner with WINTrio, our team of advisors work with you to generate a plan for your organization and collaborate with your team to meet mutually identified goals. In general, our advisors help you:

  • Identify current gaps and inefficiencies (Process and Technology)
  • Develop plans for improving organizational performance entailing overall organizational transformation to restructuring a current initiative
  • Engage stakeholders and leadership teams by sharing tangible results and next set of actions around the suggested plans
  • Deliver the desired results with a constant dedication and drive
  • Stabilize the cash flow and burn-rates
  • Provide a current state analysis around the issues and their root cause
  • Develop a practical plan with milestones
  • Improve profit margins by overcoming roadblocks
  • Position your organization for organic growth within your current portfolio
  • Strategize new business within the same agency and establish new targets.

The WINTrio Advantage

  • Laying the foundation for a successful program Startup
  • Replicating our DevOps/DevSecOps successes for the newly awarded contract
  • Establish and strengthen your repute with the client through our Cyber Security expertise
  • Establish your organization as a thought leader by delivering low-hanging fruit within the first 30 days of award
  • Showcasing some of the process and technical innovations to gain momentum from the get-go
  • Providing complete services for systems engineering, cloud architecture, and legacy systems maintenance
  • Delivering complete services for project/program management, integrated baselines reviews support, performance measurement/KPIs, and risk management
  • Providing leadership, mentoring, and support in the areas of:
    • Program and project management
    • Subcontract management
    • Earned Value Management (EVM)
  • Planning and scheduled the program
  • Planning, scheduling, and cost management services for the EVM system (EVMS)
  • Outsourcing the right level of surge support from proposal submission through program execution
  • Placing dedicated schedulers and EV personnel for short-term or long-term assignments
  • Providing complete services for systems engineering, system architecting, and requirements management
  • Delivering complete services for project management, program architecture, integrated baselines reviews, performance measurement /metrics, and risk management.

Given our track record of winning business and turning around challenging initiatives, we offer some free of cost advisory services for our clients to realize an instant value proposition.     Contact Us


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