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RFP as a Service

Capturing and WINNING federal business is more of an ART than a SCIENCE


To minimize cost and risk, WINTrio also partners with Small and Medium size businesses to provide them a lower upfront capture cost with some contingency upon delivering them a WIN! Combining Agency Requirements Knowledge with the Right Team, Ability to make your Proposal Response stand out and a viable Price (PTW) is what gets your organization the WIN!  RFP Response is a whole lot more than just technical writing but, understanding the agency's "unstated" requirements, organizational dynamics, and psyche of the selection panel. You must WIN them on your "practical" delivery approach, "compelling" solution, "credible" pricing, and ability to sell it by showcasing your strengths ... leveraging previous submissions may get you the compliance but definitely not the WIN!

WINTrio's  Advisors and Experts

WINTrio advises its clients in WINNING valuable government contracts with crafting Expert-level RFP, RFI, RFQ, BPA, IDIQ responses and all other proposal development services for all categories of Government: On-Time and On-Budget. Our RFP as a Service Experts advise, assist and catalyze vendors and firms in preparing compliant, compelling and comprehensive technical and cost proposals. Our industry vertical expertise coupled with our solid relationships enables us to establish long lasting partnerships with our clients from Pre-RFP phase to Post-Award while delivering WINNING Bids specifically in the areas of Cloud Computing, DevOps/DevSecOps, Proactive monitoring, IT Modernization, and Predictive Analytics proposals. Additionally, we are Expert Providers of Systems Integration, DevSecOps and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services. This combination of proven Pre-RFP Strategizing, Partnering and Post-Award Technical Services Expertise positions us perfectly to deliver solid value to our clients in WINNING and executing Government Agency Contracts. Long Story Short: We help our clients in producing the WOW Factor in proposal submissions to get Evaluators to award the RFP in their favor and then partner up with them for Contract Execution. Contact Us today to get the RFP Sizzle and Spice and shape up the opportunity in your organization’s favor with your next RFP Proposal.


Premium Value-Added RFP Services

RFP as a Service

Subject Matter Experts

WINTrio has teams of Subject Matter Experts
(SMEs) who can rapidly assist in developing
innovative, low-cost and compelling Proposal

Technical Authors and RFP Editors

WINTrio boasts a team of Expert-level Technical
Writers who have 360-degree proficiency in a
wide variety of verticals ranging from IT,
Healthcare, Facilities, Training, DevSecOps,
Systems Integration, Machine Learning /
Artificial Intelligence and a whole lot more.

WINTrio’s RFP Editing Team assists your
organization in performing effective and efficient
Copy Editing and Technical Editing work to keep
your Proposals On-Point, On-Time and

Proposal Management Services

Proposal Review Services … Second to None…

Not only that WINTrio advisors have won plenty of large opportunities as a vendor, but our team members have the unique experience of awarding contracts in a COTR's capacity. We exactly know what it takes to be the WINNER and our independent review for your bid(s) will demonstrate our value proposition instantly by helping you cross the finish line as the WINNER.

Large-Volume Proposal Management

WINTrio provides Technical, Management and Cost Volumes Subject Matter Experts who provide Top-Notch expertise in LARGE Volume RFP Production and Management.

Orals Coaching and Team Preparation

WINTrio provides managers who know exactly how to create and outline the Perfect Slide-deck for developing a scripted and convincing response for a Proposal. We also provide Oral Coaching Services for your organization’s presenters for communicating the story-line concisely, efficiently and effectively.

Proposal Production Support

Expert Proposal Coordination Team

WINTrio’s Production Coordination Team keeps the RFP machine well-oiled by coordinating and collaborating with all members of the proposal team: Managers, Technical Authors, Graphics Designers, Editors, Reviewers, Sub-Contractors and others are kept Compliant, On-Time and On-Target within each phase of the proposal development process.
Desktop Publishing Team

WINTrio’s Expert Desktop Publishers assist in producing customized templates to assure document style/appearance consistency from start to end. We are experts in importing and incorporating tables, charts and a wide spectrum of graphics and reference materials from a variety of sources into a Compliant, Compelling and WINNING proposal.


Graphics Design Team

WINTrio boasts an Expert Team of Graphics Design Specialists, who have proven expertise in delivering High Quality Graphics, Pop Art, Charts, Graph, Diagrams and Photographic Design Material that fit your strategic and tactical proposal needs.

Given our track record of winning business and turning around challenging initiatives, we offer some free of cost advisory services for our clients to realize an instant value proposition.     Contact Us


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